Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Need a Push Yarn Along

Happy Yarn Along Day!

I look forward to Wednesday for the simple reason of yarn alongs.
I love to see what others are working on and it's a nice way of 
keeping track of what I'm doing.

But when you're knitting projects that seem to take forever, it's also frustrating.

These two projects are slow going.

And my speed knitting sister can manage to knit like a maniac and leave me in the dust!!!
Seriously, how do you do it??????????????

So, yes, it's the same things I've been working on for weeks, but I'll share.

I'm a part of a KAL for the Leave of Grass knit.
It's been fun, but I'm ready for it to be done.
The thing that will help me get it done is that I will be entering it in a competition at the spring alpaca show. I'm excited about that and I really needed the motivation!!!

It's a huge circular knit but on the needles, it's kind of lumpy and bumpy.
My kids thought I was making a ridiculously huge hat.

Clearly, I haven't made much progress on my sweater
This thing takes a lot of concentration....not much of that around here these days!!!

I am almost finished with The Art of Hearing Heartbeats. I love it so much. I hope it ends well. The last few books I have read haven't ended well...or at all in fact. Just left it open ended. I hate that.

I also have some new books from the library that I'm excited to read.

If only I had free time. sigh....

Happy Knitting :)
What are you working on and reading????

Joining in with Ginny.


  1. Your sweater looks so pretty! I love your Leaves.

  2. Your sweater is so pretty...I hope you find a little extra time this week to work on it:) :)

  3. I missed your progress up until now, but my that cardigan of yours is gorgeous! Such an intricate cable design.

  4. your knitting is absolutely beautiful! My husband and I have a dream of having an alpaca farm, so I've enjoyed visiting your blog and fantasizing!

  5. your leaves is going to be stunning, keep going! chart e is where the magic happens, and then blocking... oh my gosh! your milkweed is gorgeous. i can't believe how fast both you and andee are, with all those darling boys running around, work, alpacas...i'm impressed!

  6. Both knitting projects are wonderful! Never let life discourage you because you aren't making progress. All in good time. Some days, weeks, months, there just is too much in the way, but one good evening or day of knitting can boost you right back!! I would like a couple of alpacas, but the hubby says NO and he is perfectly correct, but there are some days I'd trade most people for an alpaca or two!! It's been one of those weeks!