Saturday, March 2, 2013

Colorful Scavenger Hunt

Happy to join in with the weekly scavenger hunt...Color Style!

Here are my takes on the prompts.

The boys and I headed out for a nice walk through Allaire State Park Historical Village.
Here's what we found....



Yellow • 1835

Blue sky. A much needed thing around here.

Lunch time at the Allenwood General Store. They just HAD to get orange soda because it was the only color we didn't find at the park. Well, ok then. 

Joining in with Ashley.



  1. We hunted for red hearts today in Ocean Grove. Tomorrow from 12-? there is a question scavenger hunt. For example, how many staircase are there leading into the Great Audtorium? We did it last year, it was fun. We got a free ice cream at Days and a few other treats.

  2. Love the green glass bottles! I haven't seen a stewart's soda bottle in ages!

  3. Great set my favorite is orange. Happy Shooting!

  4. Love the orange shot! It was my favorite as a kid . The green bottles are beautiful.

  5. Nicely done. Loving the little fella at the door as well as the orange crush (actually have some of that in the frige and didn't even think of it. hummm!)

  6. I adore the green bottles.
    And I love the perspective of the blue sky.
    Great set!

  7. Terrific! Love that bottle green color.

  8. Like Tamar, and others, LOVE the green bottles. In this part of the country Nehi was the orange soda of choice when I was a kid. Nice work.

  9. FUN! I love them all :D My kids LOOOOVE orange soda... it's a serious thrill when they are allowed to get some.