Saturday, March 23, 2013

Leaves of Grass...a few more pictures

Yes....this is the same project I posted yesterday but this took me a long time to knit,
so still trying to get the perfect pictures.

Here are a few more to share.

My dad's truck and My Leaves of Grass

I love this darn thing. I don't know what it is. A shawl? A Blanket? A giant doiley? 
I don't know...but it's soft and it's pretty and I like it.


  1. Leanne, your shawl is just gorgeous! I'm struggling to get started on one. Lace knitting is not a skill of mine-----yet.

  2. i LOVE that you are honoring this gorgeous knit with (not too many) photos. i agree, and only wish i had given respect and love to favorite projects in the past. keep sharing, i love seeing the pictures. it is SO pretty.

  3. Oh it is so pretty. We have to get picture together with each of ours. I love it on the truck.

  4. love the new photos, Leanne! awesome truck :)
    feel free to add to your last kal post...there's no such thing as too many pics!

  5. Shoot away! That shawl deserved LOTS of pictures :-D. Fantastic!

  6. That shawl is gorgeous. I haven't finished anything that big! I can't imagine the patience you must have! It looks wonderful. Well done.