Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ready for Spring

I dropped my oldest boy off at baseball practice today. OUTSIDE. It is a windy freezing mere 40 degrees here. Poor kids. They have been training indoors all winter, but now they've headed out.
Makes me soooo ready for spring.

I also now have a much better appreciation for my mom and the cold.
While they were away last week my sister, Liz and I were on poop duty.
This is probably the least desirable chore I can think of. Even worse than the horse
stalls I was used to as a kid. You have to clean every single alpaca bean "piece of poop"
every day. It's exhausting. Here's one thing I know for sure.
You really need to love your herd to do that every day. Freezing cold, wind, snow, sleet...poop needs to go. So Mom, hats off to you. I also don't know why you don't weigh 100 pounds with the workout you get day in and day out.

Spring is a weird time of year here. It's not always nice, usually chilly and damp
but I get myself excited for flowers, gardens, prettier colored clothes.

I also get excited for Maryland Sheep and Wool.
I dream of this festival all year long. It's my heaven.
Yarn, sheep, my sisters and girlfriends, a hotel, knitting, gyros on the hill....ahhhh.

So after this very cold day, I'll remind myself that warmth is on it's way.
Here's what I look forward to.

Here's to warm days.....SOON PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. All I can think about is the festival! And if we are going? I need to go!

  2. poop duty, hee hee. oh can i come to the festival too!? someday i will attend one!