Saturday, March 23, 2013

I'm Back...With Finished Projects to Share

Phew! I'm back. In the past two weeks, someone has been sick nearly every day, including myself.
The winter (ahem....SPRING) crud had us down. Colds, stomach bugs, etc. Fun times in the house.

The upside to all that down time was some time to knit, read and hang with the kids.

I managed to get some projects off the needles and wanted to share some recent pictures.

My Leaves of Grass

It's done. It's done! It's done!!!!
A beautiful knit that will be cherished. I kind of miss working on it already.
I knitted this as part of a KAL group. It was my first and now it won't be my last.

The beginning of this project had me stumped. I had SUCH a hard time getting this thing going!!!
But I'm so glad I continued. It was a dream to knit and I'm now a huge Jared Flood fan. Genius man.
I hope to take some better pictures, but here goes....
My Leaves

Knitted with 100% baby alpaca in a light fawn color.
Ravelry notes here: My Leaves 
A Hat for Chase and a good book.
Loving this book. And needed a mindless knit while I took care of the crew.
A little hat for Chase, knitted with a tan/grey wool. Simple and quick.

 This "baby" is growing up way too quickly.

 Pretending to blink. He's a funny one.

Knitted with yarn that Liz spun. 

Check out this beautiful yarn. Liz spun this up with the navajo ply technique again.
It's a merino. It is gorgeous. 

 Here's Liz holding it up.

 Another Liz project. She's been making these triangle scarfs on her loom that Nick made.

Now back to my extremely complicated and exhausting sweater knit!!!!!
Have a great weekend.
Happy Knitting,

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  1. Your Leaves is BEAUTIFUL!!! I am so glad you decided to do it. It is fantastic and I'm drooling over Liz's yarn. I need more time to spin!