Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Yarn Along

Joining in once again with the weekly yarn along.

I knitted up these two little girl bonnets as a gift to my husband's colleague.
She just had a new baby girl 5 weeks early and her big sister is a month younger than Chase.
I modified the pattern by making it smaller and larger than what is called for.
I also made a pompom for the big sister's hat.

Ravlery link: Colorful Bonnets

Made some progress on my Leaves of Grass shawl.
I'm a part of a KAL for this. I started a few weeks later than the group and they're starting
to finish! I have a way to go still. But it's a fun knit and so soft in the alpaca yarn.

 Ravelry Link: Leaves of Grass

Any my NEW highly anticipated, dreamed of, excited to begin project.
I'm going to knit this sweater with this gorgeous yarn.
And how fun are my purple buttons?!
Liz and I took the babies on a road trip last week and went to a yarn store about 45 minutes north
of here. It was a great shop and she had a wonderful selection of yarn.

 I am reading Silver Linings Playbook. I did't think I would make it to the theater to see it so of course, next best thing is the book. Books are always better right? And bonus, I can picture
Bradley Cooper the whole time I read it. BONUS. It's a great book so far.

And because I'm determined to not almost die during the Spring Lake 5 Mile Race this spring,
I'm getting motivated by reading this magazine. Exercise, here I come. I promise!

 Joining in with Ginny at Small Things.
Check it out...you'll love it.

Happy Knitting


  1. Your leaves of grass is soo beautiful!
    Interesting buttons, are they handmade?
    Good luck training for your run, I've signed up for a 23km in June so I really need to get to exercise also!!

  2. I love the little bonnets. Really cute.