Thursday, July 18, 2013

Chase is 2!!!

2 years ago today, we welcomed baby Chase.
He was my dream come true. To have a family of three children.
I was the happiest I had ever been. This photo was taken
on our first morning after being home from the hospital.
It was the calmest I had ever felt.....

The past 2 years have been a joy, a pleasure, exhausting, tiring, full of laughter and smiles
all because of this crazy, silly, wonderful little boy.

 He can make everyone laugh. He can drive you crazy.
He loves his brothers more than anything on earth (well....except his cousin Wade)
He loves wagon walks, playing in the dirt, Barney and Mickey Mouse.
Baseball games, alpacas, lollipops, books and the beach are his top favorites.

He is my love, this one. My dream come true.
A boy with a huge personality...good and bad!
He makes us laugh every single day. 

We are blessed to have these 3 boys. They are good kids.
Happy, HEALTHY, helpful and fun. They allow me to do my favorite job and
the only one I ever wanted. Their Mom.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Baby Chase.
Please be kind to us during the terrible twos. We're old now and
hoping to survive this "lovely" stage of your life!!!!



  1. Happy Birthday Baby Chase!!!

  2. happy belated birthday to chase and to you too mama! i just love that baby, i mean big boy!