Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yarn Along

Hi! I've been away from this blog for a few days due to work, baseball and busy summertime fun.
So, it's nice to be back on a Wednesday to share in the yarn along.

I'm really excited to start my first felted knitted bag.
I casted on with some wool from my stash and it's just simple stockinette for 15".
Very nice and relaxing! Ravelry Link to bag pattern: Felted Little Bag

 I started reading the book, Plainsong. Basically, it was the only book at Costco that looked interesting enough that I hadn't already read. So far, it's very good.

I also wanted to share this book with you. I know a lot of our blog readers have young kids.
This book, Show Me A Story, is a great book that I got for my 9 year old.
He doesn't like to write but he's creative and has some artistic ability.
We are enjoying it and it's been a great tool to get him excited about storytelling.

And because I really needed another hobby.....
I ordered this embroidery sample from the etsy shop, Dropcloth
I saw this on Susan Anderson's blog and I was chomping at the bit to make one too.
I used to do a lot of hand work with quilting and embroidery but knitting has taken
over for the past 5 or so years. I forgot how much I love doing this.
I signed up for this online class by Rebecca Ringquist on 
It's been fun to do.

And I'm excited to show you my finished Terra Shawl.

Ravelry Link: Robin Egg Terra Shawl

I love knitting Jared Flood's designs. I left off the last chart because
I was nervous about running out of yarn. 
I hand dyed the baby alpaca yarn to look like the robin eggs that we watched
hatch during the spring.

Joining in again with Ginny and all the other great knitters out there.

Happy 14th wedding anniversary to my husband :)
We'll be spending a romantic evening at a little league game.
Seems appropriate for this stage of our lives!

Happy Knitting.


  1. Lovely shawl! I spent our 20th anniversary eating the dinner I prepared by myself while Hubster took a phone call in the driveway. I was not pleased! IT was work related, but he could have excused himself and called them back. But, we did go to Maine for a week for our real celebration, so I half forgave him.

  2. Beautiful knits! happiest of anniversaries! seems like a good way to spend it! :)

  3. Happy anniversary! The shawl is amazing! I love love love the color!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Enjoy the little league game, soon it will be just the two of you. I love your shawl.