Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Saying Goodbye to A Big Grey Dog...A Sad Day

(photo taken by Andee)

It's a sad day around here. My sister Andee had to say goodbye to her first baby.
Harley Dude, rest in peace. We'll miss you very, very, very much.
You lived a very long, good life. Got years beyond what you should because
of the love and care your mom gave you. I remember driving to Delaware with Andee and Dalton when you were a baby to pick you up. You were the cutest puppy I had ever seen.

You kept Andee company when she was single and living at the beach,
at "Other" MomMom's house, Adams Street when Sean came into our lives...then Brady...then your new house...then Shea.
You protected Andee and Brady the night those crazy police scared the daylights out of all of us.
You swam like a maniac. You barked at everything. You killed numerous skunks, groundhogs
and other critters. You were kind, gentle and patient with your human brothers.
You could get under your blanket on your bed to the point where not a bit of you was seen except maybe your nose. You were a good dog. One that can never be replaced.

I am so glad that you spent your last good days swimming in the pool and
barking at everyone and that your suffering was short and over quickly.

 We'll miss you Harley Dude.


  1. Oh thank you so much. I am going to really miss him. He took very good care of me.

  2. so so sad today for Andee and everyone that loved the Harley Dude

    hopefully the joyful memories will soon outweigh the deep sadness at losing such a huge part of the family


  3. I remember Frank telling me how Harley would nip at his butt whenever he'd go to Adams Street to fix whatever appliance was broken.

    This made me cry. Very nice tribute to Harley Dude.

  4. So sad for the loss of a faithful companion. It sounds like he lived the perfect dog's life!