Wednesday, July 24, 2013


What seems like only mom and dad welcomed their first alpacas to the farm.
This is Kal and Awan, my mom and my older boys. They look so little!

I got thinking today that this "alpaca thing" has become huge.
Not long ago (3 years), 8 alpacas called this place home.
As of today, 25 alpacas graze the fields, pronk and hum.
And any day now, there will be 26.

My mom is officially the Alpaca Lady.
She spends every day out there with her animals.
Cleaning, tending, feeding, hosing down, thinking about, loving and working
her butt off for these critters.

The alpacas have brought a lot into the lives of this family.
A common love of yarn, knitting, crocheting, crafting, animals, friendships,
farm life and fleece have kept us busy.

People stop by daily to say hi to these cute creatures.
We've been in the newspapers, on tv and the internet.

We've started blogs to talk about all things farmy and knitting.
We've met other "alpaca people"
We've met other knitters and fleece lovers.
We've had happy births.
We've had sad births.
We've welcomed many loving and funny animals.
We've also had to say goodbye to the sweetest boy.
We've spend numerous hours reading weird posts on PacaThis on Facebook.

We've learned a lot.
It's been a busy 3 years for my mom and dad!


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  1. I just love those sweet faces!!! And the kids and Mom have sweet ones too. Enjoy those adorable creatures!!