Monday, December 2, 2013

Coming Up For Air!

Wow! Busy busy days!!! It's been a while since I've posted so it feels good to be back.

I thought I would share some photos from our Thanksgiving and a busy weekend at the farm.
Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Family, friends, football and FOOD!
Thank you to my parents for hosting this year. So good to see my cousins.

I made my MomMom's Apple Pie
I love the story behind this recipe.

The story goes....
My grandfather was stationed on the Arizona during the war.
Luckily for us, he was not on the ship the day Pearl Harbor was bombed.
He survived the tragedy and another thing that was saved was this apple pie recipe.
He loved the pie that was served on the ship so he asked the chef for the recipe.
He wrote it down and gave it to my grandmother.
She made this pie year after year. A few years before she died, I asked for the recipe.
That is when I was told me the story about the recipe coming from the Chef on the Arizona.
Not only is it an amazing pie, it has a great story.
I love to make it and think of my grandparents while I follow the recipe :)

After we stuffed ourselves, we had to get ready for another farm weekend!
We were happy to greet the customers and get the holiday shopping off to a great start.

I took some photos before the crowds came.

 (can you tell we have to bring our kids to work??!!!! They figure out how to have fun)

 Trusty wood stove keeps us warm, is a great coffee warmer and kept our lunch hot!

 Heehee. Boobs. Risque finger puppet!!!

 Odd selfie of myself in a fun alpaca hat. Hat is fun. I look strange.

 Handmade goodies make perfect gifts.

 My mom fit some spinning time in between customers.

My favorite moment of the weekend....two little girl collecting enough money to buy a knitted lady.

Thank you to everyone that came to the farm this past weekend.
We'll be open again every Friday-Sunday until Christmas!

Happy December! How did that happen?!!!


  1. omg what a fun post! you are so adorable, and andee and the boys and your mom, i love your family! and the farm, i want to go shopping!! what?! little llamas? and look at all that alpaca! and those cutting boards! love everything. hi andee at work, hee hee.
    favorite photo of all is you and chase with your apple pie, love the story (oh my goodness) and love the look of chase's little face, he looks so proud, he is a big helper (and you are too cute for words).

  2. Whew! We've all been busy. Nice catching up with you :-).