Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow Day Knitting

I debated keeping this project a secret.
It will be a gift. But the recipient can't see it yet. Well, he really can't see it yet. 
He's safe and warm in his mommy's belly until April.
I had hopes of keeping it wrapped up tight and all to myself until it was done.
But guess what....I can't help myself.

A beautiful snowy day and lots of baby blanket knitting.

I have been knitting non-stop for our farm store.

As much as I love knitting, 
it's different when your knitting is for a little someone 
that you love so much that you have yet to meet.

It's the kind of knitting that you don't want to stop.
You don't want to rest. You think of this little guy and wonder what he'll be like.
Will he be sweet and calm and smart like his big brother, Wade?
Will he be silly and crazy like his cousin?
Will he have blonde hair? Maybe another red head in our family?
Will he look like his daddy and a bit like his mommy?
Will he be happy and healthy?

I can't wait to find out.
For now, I knit.

Ravelry Link: Grant's Baby Blanket
***this baby isn't named Grant yet, but it's a front runner, so I'm going with it for now!

Lizzie, act surprised.
And don't worry, the pink color in the photo was just from my phone shot.
It's not pink. It's grey. Color didn't show up well in the photos.

Yarning Along today with Ginny.


  1. What beautiful texture in your stitches. And I love your comment about the little guy's name.