Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Latest Knits

If knitting was considered exercise, I would be an Iron Woman. 
I have been furiously knitting for the farm store.
My arms ache, my shoulders and elbows are creaking but I am so happy.
If needles are in my hand, new yarn by my side, I'm a happy girl.

Thought I would share some of my latest quick knits off my needles.
I have been knitting mostly small projects....quick to knit, easy to sell, you get the drift....

I knitted this Capucine Hat with my mom's handspun yarn. 
(that's the awesome skein I'm holding above)
The purple/brown yarn is a mix of our alpaca, Melody and merino.

I am still Fair Isle obsessed.
This hat is all alpaca. I added a fun tassel at the top.
 I just wing the design but I do use 200 Fair Isle Motifs for reference.

A slouch hat in white alpaca. Made for a custom order. I'm happy with how it came out.

A simple ear warmer. This style has been selling well this year!

As for reading, I am STILL reading The Forgotten Garden.
Shame on me. I really love it, but I can't read and knit at the same time.
I'll have to start listening to them like my sister does. It might be the only way I can finish a book these days. 

I just bought this for myself. It's a grown-up coloring book.
Yes, I said coloring book.
As a kid, I loved things like this. In an effort to keep my creative juices flowing,
I have been trying to sketch every day. I thought this would be fun too.
During down time between jobs and projects, a page here or there....I know...I'm weird.

I just ordered some new yarn to make a baby blanket for Lizzie's new baby boy that is on the way.
Don't you love getting yarn in the mail?!!!

Happy Knitting and Reading!


  1. That first picture made me smile - seeing the bobbins, the fiber, the yarn and the smile on your face. I'm so happy you have been creative AND profitable. That is awesome!

  2. You all are just amazing! Don't get a knitting injury. Seriously. Hard to heal back up!

  3. I love all these projects. I love that first photo! getting yarn in the mail is sooo much fun! bad for the wallet though!

  4. Oh, all the lovely projects and lovely yarn. Swoon!

  5. Great hats and ear warmer. I think an ear warmer will be my next project.