Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Farm Chores

My parents have been in Las Vegas the past few days for the Priority Alpaca Auction.
That left the girls home to care for the farm.
These are pictures I took over a few days of farm work.
I got the easy job of feeding everyone at night.
Andee had the harder job of morning feed and cleaning.

Other than a good spit right across the face the first night, it has been fun 
taking care of the critters.

And a fun story...well, kind of it's funny....
Last night I headed out to feed and put coats on the smaller babies during the nasty snow storm.
While my kids stayed in the warm house (my husband in the other room), Chase decided to play
on the iPad. And without anyone knowing until it was too late,
ANNOYING TALKING CAT app!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was an "in app" purchase that apparently doesn't need a password and automatically takes the money out of your bank account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I walked in the door, the kids informed me of this lovely transaction and thanks to the very very very very kind people at Apple, I will be getting a full refund and now have a lock on all purchase. Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to run out there and feed the herd. Brrrrr!

Yarn Along up later....

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