Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Scavenger Hunt

It's been a while since I participated in the Sunday Scavenger Hunt.
Happy to be back in the game this week.

I just took a nice ride up to Red Bank with the kiddos to pick up some yarn for the new

The hubby got me a gift certificate to a local yarn shop so I spoiled myself :)
Looking forward to this fun project. Reminds me of the Choose Your Own Adventure books!

Here goes....

1. Photographer's Choice
 Chase enjoying kicking the snow on the sidewalk

2. Lunch
Bagel Oven bagels....a treat!

 And fresh hot soup from a new local place, Jesse's. Thanks for the complimentary bowl! Yum!

3. Starts with the Letter G
Green Yarn for the new Mystery KAL

4. My Town
Red Bank, NJ...technically not "my town" but a favorite town of mine
and a wonderful place to visit.

 5. Words to Live By
Yarn Tag :)


  1. Great pics! I'm participating in Ysolda's mystery YAL, too. Looks like fun! I love the yarn you chose. I just ordered mine last night--green. : ) I bought one solid green and one variegated hand-painted . . . afterward I realized that Ysolda recommends solid colors for this pattern. Drat. I wonder if I should choose something else . . .

  2. What is it with kids and snow. Looks like he's having fun.
    Such a pretty color of yarn and your lunch sounded wonderful.

  3. Yummm..I'd love to have a bowl of that soup right now. The shot of Chase kicking up the snow is a great action shot. We don't usually get that much snow around here.

  4. Beautiful yarn. I bet your project with it will be great. Love your Photographer's Choice shot!