Monday, January 13, 2014

Following My Own Arrow

I have often watched big rock stars on stage
(Tim McGraw, Bruce know the type...)
and wonder how amazing it must feel to see a sea of people singing your songs,
waving their hands, happy all because of your music.
It must be amazing.

I've tried to not "follow" what others have done. Ok, maybe when I was younger I foolishly did.
But as an adult, I've embraced my nerdy side and I do what I like without worrying if people think it's weird. AKA knitting, farmy stuff and the like.

Guess what? I found out that people like you for who you are and if they don't like you,
who cares. Let them move on. Not everyone enjoys what you do and vice versa. And that's ok by me.

But sometimes it's really fun to follow the crowd.
Follow what others are doing. To be a part of something.
To look forward to something. And to take some chances. what do Tim McGraw and this rambling about following the crowd have it common?

I am joining up with over 1,200 other knitting enthusiasts to knit a "choose your own adventure" shawl over the next 5 weeks. 1 clue, once a week, 2 options every week.
Can you feel the excitement?!! I know...I already told you that I am a dork.

So, Ysolda Teague....I don't know you but you must feel like a rock star right now.
To know that so many knitters were checking their emails this morning to see if the first clue had arrived. Printing out patterns, reading them over, making a choice, casting on....seeing it happen.
Must be pretty cool to be her right now. She's a rock star knitter.

I don't write patterns. Well, not yet. But my sister does and she's darn good at it.
Maybe some day she'll be the rock star knitter.
And it's $5 a knitter for this KAL. So, a rock star knitter that makes lots of money.
Money for more yarn I would guess :)

I'll keep you updated on my progress.
For now, here is my beginning without spoiling anything for other knitters.

Happy Knitting Folks.

1 comment:

  1. have FUN!!! we'll still be working on Spire when you're done if you still want to join us...

    I know I will be since I put mine down today to cast on Tidal Wave :) ~ you're right...your sis writes a mean pattern!!!