Thursday, April 24, 2014

Catching Up

I received an email yesterday from my dad that just had a subject line saying:
"For some reason I thought it was Wednesday"
His little nudge reminding me that I haven't updated the blog.
I love Wednesdays and I don't know how I forgot to post!
Oh wait...I know why. I was too focused on running my two year old like a dog so he doesn't drive everyone bonkers due to his excess energy. I also thought it would be nice to give Lizzie a little break and take Wade to story time with us. So it's now Thursday, but I thought I would post a bunch of pictures and try to catch up on what has been going on around here, the farm, Lizzie's new baby, knitting and more.....Random craziness....

A day late, but here goes!
Baby Grant came home :) He's now 2 1/2 weeks old. Clearly I haven't posted in a while!

 Some of the Sherman cousins. Brady and Shea were enjoying spring break in Myrtle Beach!

 My cousin brought her kids over to play last week and since there's only ONE baby girl in this family, I did a quick modeling photo shoot of my knitted dress pattern, Flower Bud Dress.
Harper thought he should get in the picture too. Cami wasn't so sure!

 Isn't this baby just perfect???? I love him sooooo much. It's fun being an aunt :) I feel like you love them as much as your own kids but don't have to worry like you do with your own. It's just pure fun and enjoyment. If that makes sense?

 My littlest boy is so odd.

New knitting....

The warm weather just doesn't want to visit the Jersey Shore. Ugh. Too cold to watch baseball!!! So we sat in the car.

Gift this pattern!

Homemade pizza chef

My kids and I spent a great day with our friends that we don't get to see enough. Explored some of the local parks that Monmouth County has to offer. Huber Woods, NYC scenic overlook and 9/11 memorial, Twin Light Houses. So fun!

The local animals at our neighbor's farm.

Easter morning candy rush.

A bird making a nest in the little alpaca shed.

Chase wanted to give the boy alpacas some hay.

 Ooops. missed the hay bin.
 Try again. Bing is wondering what Chase is doing.
 Handsome Smoke Ring. His first babies are due very soon!!!! I hope they all look just like him.

 We have been hitting the library a lot lately.

DROOLING over new patterns.

Hanging out in the baseball shack. Or, laying down in the baseball food shack.

Not allowed to run in the parking lot and not very happy about it.

Many WIPs going on. And reading The Kitchen House.
Love it!

(orange knitting will be the Stole shawl)

Still working on my Follow Your Arrow shawl. I pick it up, put it down, repeat. I really should just sit and finish it already.

 One to go. Straightforward mitts pattern.

I'll leave you with two little bug hunters. These two are so funny together. that's the random things that have been going on around here!


  1. loved that book you are reading but it's not a "happy" one...great seeing all the happenings around you! So much fun and goodness :)