Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Farmy Things and Knitting

 What do you do when you need to collect fecal samples for testing? Have a poop party. That's what!
Hanging out on a Sunday afternoon, waiting for alpacas to poop, enjoying the sun and having a cocktail. That's a typical afternoon on the farm!

 Dalton was very proud of himself that he got up in that tree by himself.

New knitting project on my needles: Stole for Fall
I needed a mindless knit for all the baseball games I will be going to this spring and summer.

I'm really excited about this project for two reasons. One, I got this yarn at 75% off. Yeah...I said it.
It's Shibui Pebble (merino, lace, cashmere blend) in 8 different colors. I bought it at the last day of business for a local yarn shop. The owner was closing up shop to stay home with her girls and I scored a great deal. I bought it without a project in mind.

When I got home and started looking at projects made with this yarn, I came across Stole.
And then I quickly remembered a photo I had taken last fall on our trip to Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool!
I was stalking this girl's project and it was the Stole pattern and knew that I had to make one.
Turns out I had the exact right kind of yarn, the exact yardage called for it and it was meant to be!

So here goes....mindless knitting and hopefully I can have it done in time to wear next October on a return trip to Rhinebeck!

My bookclub picked The Kitchen House for the new book.
I Love it!!! Full of drama. Reading while the crazy little man takes a bath.
Ugh...the drama of bathtime! Why???

 Baseball season is here...so if you need me I'll be at the fields. 
In the picture of Chase riding the golf cart, we were selling raffle tickets for my oldest boy's upcoming trip to Cooperstown Dream Park tournament. We would ride around the fields and Chase started yelling to everyone, "Do you have any money?" Guess what? It worked! Maybe he'll be a millionaire one day!

 And it's warm out. Finally. Hoping it stays this way for a while!!

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  1. love the project and all the colors that go together. I'm all for easy projects that you can take along :)