Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Yarn Along

Happy Wednesday
No human baby yet.....we'll keep you posted!

I am joining in with Ginny and all the knitters out there this week,
sharing what I'm knitting and reading at the moment.

Here goes....
I knitted up a little alpaca vest for the farm store. I love little girl things.
As the mother of all boys, I get my girly knitting out for customers.
This little number is for sale in the coop.

Our dear family friend delivered a baby girl over the weekend.
Yay! Molly is a cutie. She lives in the wild west, but her mom is from the Jersey Shore.
I thought Molly needed a little summery dress that would remind her mom of the beach.
It's an original design by me and I'm writing up the pattern now so I can sell it on Ravelry.
Keep your eyes out for it!

And some more finished knits...
My Goldfinch Cardigan is all done.
It was a pleasure to knit and I have worn it every day since it's been done.
I know my family is sick of looking at me in it, but hey, it took a long time and was a lot of work and I love it. So for now, I'm the girl in the yellow sweater.
Here are some proper pictures of it.

For new projects this week:
I casted on my sister Andee's newest pattern.

I also casted on another baby girl dress so I can check my pattern.
Making this one in a dark purple alpaca merino blend.
I thought it would be adorable for fall with a little onesie under it.

It is a story based on the mental hospital that Zelda Fitgerald was a patient
when it burned down. Based loosely on the hospital and patients there.
So far it's very good.

So for now, that's my knitting.
We're all hoping for a little baby boy's safe and healthy arrival any day.
I can't wait to meet this little man!!!!!

Happy knitting and reading.
Hope to see you at the farm soon!



  1. I LOVE your Goldfinch Cardigan. I think I would wear it everyday too!

  2. love the dress for molly a lucky girl!! Your new cardigan is beautiful-love the color especially and the tied closure!

  3. Wow! You are so talented!! That Goldfinch cardigan is absolutely STUNNING.

  4. That baby dress is soooo cute and the yarn looks really soft. I love your new cardigan - that must have been ALLOT of work!

  5. This cardigan looks positively decadent. This would be the perfect thing to slide into on chilly nights. Beautifully done!

  6. I am amazed at how fabulous the goldfinch cardigan looks - it's stunning!!

  7. I would be wearing that sweater all the time too. It looks so comfy. What a cute dress. I need to knit something for my niece who's due in a couple of months. I never thought of a dress!

  8. Wow, so much pretty knitting. I love the goldfinch cardigan. The little girl dress is going to look great in the purple color.

  9. Every single project is just beautiful, but I especially LOVE the Goldfinch cardigan! I absolutely will make that one for myself! Prayers and love to you as you prepare for Little Man's arrival! *hugs* :)

  10. Wow, what beautiful knits!!! Just stunning! I had not known of this Lee Smith novel... I heard her speak years ago...when her book _Saving Grace_ was recently published... she's very good and a great writer! Wishing you all goodness and God's mercy on the birth of your son!!!

  11. Oh I LOVE your little girl knit, it's so adorable! If you need a test knitter or something... I am not typically the kind of person to commit to KAL or test knitting for some reason so you can take that as a huge compliment to your design! :-) I need to be on the watch for it to be posted on ravelry, I guess!