Friday, May 30, 2014

60 Years Young

A certain guy is 60 today!!!!!

That scary looking bearded man in the jeans, polo shirt and cowboy hat? 
Yup. That's him. That's my dad :) 
He turns 60 today and no better way to say Happy Birthday than with a blog post all for him!!!!! 
Oh, and it's Friday. Now you know what day of the week it is, Dad.

Thank you for being the best dad in the whole world, a Grandpop that makes his grandsons smile and laugh, a teacher of all things, and most importantly, for loving our mom and showing us what life and love is all about. You're the best and I hope you have a great birthday.

We'll raise the flag tonight while we raise our red cups and celebrate.
Garrett has his trumpet ready to go!
p.s. You really do wear the same thing every day!!!! 


  1. Humm maybe a new shirt for his birthday :) Happy Birthday Dad! Now can you please retire so I can spend more time playing at the farm and away from my computer.

  2. happiest birthday wishes for your dad (& raise a glass for me as well...make mine a double!)