Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Yarn Along

I think I spent more time searching Ravelry this week than actual knitting.

Here's what I am working on, finished up and dreaming of knitting...
Oh and reading? Mudbound. But honestly, haven't had much reading time either.
Does Ravelry pattern pages count as reading? Because that I did.

I finished up the birthday gift for my friend, Tara.
Knitted with Lorna's Lace yarn and I gifted it with matching nail polish,
soak wash and hand lotion. She loved it.

Ravelry Link: T's Mitts

I bought this mug at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival last weekend. It's a Jennie the Potter mug and I love it. I'm such a dork. But hey, if this keeps me happy, than I'm good with that. Dalton photo bombed me this morning. Seriously, who takes pictures of their mugs? I do.

I am teaching a beginner knitting class next weekend at the farm.
So I am prepping the work this week. I'll be teaching the basics and they'll end up with 2 cotton washcloths for summer. Loving this cotton yarn!

If you are interested in taking any of my classes, let me know.
I still have some spots left in the Beginner Session #2. (May 31st & June 7th)

Heading out to enjoy this beautiful sunshine with a friend and her baby, take some pictures of the alpacas before they get their haircuts this month and enjoy a nice break from the crazy work I have been doing the past few days. Hope you have a great week!!!

Happy Knitting.

Joining in with Ginny


  1. I think we all at some point spend more time on ravelry than on knitting, it is a rabbit hole of sorts, click, click, and just one more click. Great mitts :)

  2. how fun! lovely gift, what a good idea!

  3. I love the mug, but I love the mitts even more! I am looking for a simple mitt pattern for a friend, and that one is great!

  4. Ravelry pattern pages can keep me up all night! Just love that basket of yarn!

  5. Pretty knits and great gift idea. I like the mug too.