Monday, May 12, 2014


In the past week, the farm welcomed the first cria (baby alpaca) of the season!
Wdamo delivered a healthy boy. This is Smoke's first baby.

 The proud papa looks very happy about his new son.

The weather hasn't been great, but it's getting a little warmer.
We have hope that it will feel like summer soon. So if it's nice out, we are enjoying every bit of sunshine.

How cute are these little boys? Alpacas and the human kind :)

 Maggie (the gray girl) saw my Chase in the alley. She came running to him.

 She loves the attention and Chase loves her back.

Smoke under my alpaca tree.
This will forever be my tree. It blooms on my birthday every year.
And despite many lightening hits, fallen branches and threats of cutting it down,
it now provides shade for the boys and a beautiful setting for photos.

We had a visit from a friend and her adorable baby boy, Charlie!

Last Friday was my birthday. The day was cold and foggy but I was determined to enjoy it.
Chase and I enjoyed a pork roll and cheese on a hard roll then a quick trip to the beach.

  He got his haircut and looks so much older now :(

 I snuck in a few minutes of knitting.

Later that night, I performed in my concert band. It was amazing and I am so thankful for everyone that attended. I don't have any pictures, but that's ok. I'll never forget what it felt like to be on stage after not being in a band for 20 years. And to make it even better, the whole band and audience surprised me with singing Happy Birthday. Good thing I didn't cry (I usually cry). Because the music was hard and I didn't want to mess up!!!!

Later in the weekend.....

The rain cancelled my oldest son's game and I'm getting used the fact that he's very busy and social and that we now talk through texting. It's wonderful and weird all at the same time.

Mother's Day morning....
Dalton got a lesson in driving the tractor from my dad.

My mom and Chase checking out her new presents.
An alpaca mug with apple blossoms and new sheet music to Frozen.

 This makes me laugh. My dad, Chase and my dad's friend.

And I made a batch of strawberry shortcake for our friend's party. Yum. Made me think of summer.

So there ya have it....
A celebration for many things this past week.

Looking forward to our new cria's births. Praying that all goes well and we have healthy babies.
And a GIRL would be nice. many boys.

Have a great week!


  1. I have hi hopes for Geneva to have a girl! She has done it before I know she can do it again! It looks like you guys have been busy.

  2. oh wow what a lot of adorable photos! SO much cuteness here! happy birthday leanne!