Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Perfect Knitting Morning

I have been knitting for 6 years I think. Not sure exactly how long.
But over the past few years, knitting has become a part of my daily routine.
If it's for five minutes at the bus stop or hours of knitting on a weekend day, it's what I love.
I find time to knit. I learn new techniques. I find such happiness, tension release and pleasure in the art of holding yarn between my fingers, two needles in my hand, creating a piece of art stitch by stitch. 

I started teaching knitting two years ago. As I gained confidence in my own skills, I thought I could teach others how to knit. I always wanted to be a teacher, so this new adventure is a joy.

So this past Saturday, I had my first group of beginner knitters. I usually teach one or two people at a time, but I opened it up to 5 or 6. The sun came out and created the perfect atmosphere for knitting on the farm! It was a perfect knitting morning.

New faces and faces of people I know from the farm and some friends signed up and started the lesson. We had sisters, a mom and her 11 year old daughter and of course, Purple Debbie :)
Our friend through blogging and farm trespassing!

A pretty perfect knitting morning if you ask me.
I am pleased to say that after 2 hours, all of the girls were knitting and purling!
So exciting :) I'll have them back next week for 2 hours for more instruction and fun.

If you are interested in taking one of our courses, please visit this blog post with a schedule and more info! The world needs more knitters!!!!

Have a great week!


  1. many, many thanks leanne, i had such a wonderful time and it was such a beautiful day. i could not have been happier, everything you did to get ready for us was so special. the table and setting were just perfect!! i have made a "few" errors since leaving the farm but now i def have it and i am knitting away!!

    tomorrow i am going to try to switch back to pearling, fingers and needles crossed!!

  2. I can't think of a more perfect setting to learn how to knit. I wish I lived closer:)

  3. looks like such a fun day and I know you are an amazing teacher. What lovely weather you had during your lesson!

  4. I love that you had your class outdoors in the sunshine. It looks like it was a fun day! I am impressed that everyone mastered the knit and purl stitches in one session--that's proof that you are an excellent teacher.