Sunday, December 21, 2014


WOW! I've been the WORST blogger of all time this month! Seems to have been a whirl wind of a month between kids, work, shopping and working at the farm store. We've been blessed with continued interest in the farm and wonderful people that come in our store week after week. We've all been busy knitting, crocheting, looming, and creating. I haven't taken as many pictures as I usually do. It seems like we knit it, put it on the table and it sells. It's a wonderful blessing!
So...I thought I would take a few minutes this morning and share some of the things from life in the past month...Christmas preparations, knitting, farm stuff, etc.

Wrapping. It's one of my favorite parts of the holidays. And of course, out of the many hundreds of wrapping paper possibilities in this world, my mom and I pick out the exact same wrapping paper (AGAIN). We have the exact same taste and it's very comical.

My Christmas cards

Wade and Chase had some fun decorating and then eating a gingerbread house.

 This kid...."Mom do you like my glasses?"

I knitted this alpaca hat made with yarn from our farm store. I used Mary Jane Mucklestone's Scandanavian Motif book for the design ideas. This was going to be for sale, but I loved it too much so it's mine now.

We don't have a live tree because my middle son, Garrett is allergic. But Wade and Grant have a live tree so we had fun helping them decorate it.

Salt dough ornament

Another little alpaca hat that sold in the coop.

Oops. Can't get this picture to face the right direction...oh well. But the story of this hat is a good one.
A teacher from my son's elementary school came to the farm with her elderly parents. Her dad had to stay in the car because it's hard for him to walk. According to the teacher, her dad doesn't have much enthusiasm for anything. Never smiles and is overall "grumpy". She took this hat out to the car to see if it fit him and she said he looked at himself in the mirror and smiled. This was a big deal to her and her mom and they bought the hat for her dad. Made me smile too.

Boot toppers...These are great!!!!! My niece asked me for some boot toppers for her new boots that she is getting as a Christmas gift. I tried them out one day to make sure they fit. I ALMOST kept them for myself but I was good and wrapped them up. Need to make some for myself now.

My knitting corner. And my tiny tree.

The elf, Steve, was knitting with Lily yarn one night.

The Coop was soooo busy this season!!!!!!! 

We spent many hours working in the store and keeping warm by the fire. Our camp stove is our only heat source and also doubles as a microwave.

We snuck away from work and the farm one day to visit Santa and have a fun, laid back Christmas day. It was so much fun. Mommom, Lizzie, myself, Chase, Wade and Grant had a great time.

If you love coffee, live anywhere near me, go to Rook NOW. It's hands down the best coffee you will ever have. I love it and Chase likes the big bird logo on the wall.

More store pics...These headbands sold out everytime we put them on the table.

Beautiful alpaca clothes will be under many trees this week!

We look like geese farmers lately...Poop.

Very delayed but finally here!!!!!! Our farm yarn. It just arrived yesterday and we'll be putting into skeins and pricing asap. We are hoping to have a yarn event very soon at the farm!

Ok, so hopefully I've caught up a little bit.
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!
And a special prayer for our friend, Purple Debbie. She's in the hospital and could use some extra prayers right now. Hoping she gets home in time for Christmas. We're thinking of you Debbie!


  1. Ah, I love all of your fabulous knitting! Beautiful! I would really enjoy visiting your coop! Wonderful! Such a fun post filled to the brim with Christmas! Just lovely! xxx

  2. So much knitting done! That book of Scandinavian motifs looks amazing, I will need to check it out!

    1. The book is great. All of her books are great and so helpful if you like to make up your own designs. Check it out for sure! I took one of her color work classes at Vogue Live NYC last year and she was great!!!


  3. I usually "skim" longer posts like this but I read every sing word. Enjoyed every single picture!! Leanne, you are just too sweet for words and I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed getting to know you and your family. This place, the coop, feels like home!!

    This is a wonderful entry with a very happy ending for me!! Thanks for teaching me how to knit, and bringing me so much joy!! I LOVED your Christmas Card, many thanks!!

    1. We are so glad that we have you in our lives too!!! I can't tell you how much joy it has brought me to see you knitting and loving it. It really is a skill that can bring people so much joy and comfort. I'm sure everyone loved their hats you made!!! And we're so glad that you are home and getting better.