Monday, December 29, 2014

Holiday Break

Christmas is wrapped up and we're enjoying the slower pace of the holiday break. 
If you also celebrate Christmas I hope you had a great one! We sure did.
It was one of the best ones I can remember. Our older boys were a lot of fun helping continue the Santa magic with our youngest son. Santa fit that blue tractor like Grandpop's in his sleigh. It was the hit of the day. We also had a few very mild temperature days that made being outside enjoyable. 
We went for a nice hike, opened the farm on Saturday and I've been knitting like crazy.

Thought I would share some photos from the past few days. They're all off my phone.
I've been bad about carrying my real camera around. The iPhones make it too easy to take lots of pictures. here are some pics.

My friend moved to Germany for work this year and she sent us some goodies for Christmas.
In the package, two little tin houses (incense burners) were the hit. Smoke comes out the chimney.

Chase and Jeter waiting patiently for Christmas Eve.

A block print by my son, Garrett.

Ahhh....selfish knitting. The Bray Cap by Brooklyn Tweed. Knitted in Elsawool Cormo yarn.

Merry Christmas to me. A basket full of Shelter. Knitting it up into the Barn Sweater

I made my grandmother's apple pie for Christmas Eve. It's a tried and true recipe that dates back to World War II. My grandfather was stationed on the Arizona and it was the recipe of the chef on board. Thankfully my grandfather was in California the day of Pearl Harbor and survived. I don't know about the chef, but his recipe lives on.

Christmas Eve church.

Dinner at Mom and Dad's

My family :) Wouldn't want it any other way.
 Waiting for Santa....

Finished hat preblocking.

Winding yarn, drinking beer. Happy Xmas Day!

 Tuckered out from Christmas. Wrapped up in my Leaves of Grass alpaca blanket.

New farm hours...

Weekend knitting.

Soaking, blocking my Bray Cap

The perfect Jersey breakfast. Pork roll and cheese on a hard roll.

More progress on my barn sweater.
9 hours of Sunday knitting is all my hands could handle.

And my blocked hat.

That's it for today...
Hope you are enjoying your break! I'll be back later today or tomorrow with the new Winter Knitting lesson schedule. Stay tuned.


  1. have been busy, busy!!!!! I have not knitted in days, I need to move my hands that way and feel my yarn again, I really miss it!!! awesome images, they don't have to be perfect to convey the spirit and the love!!!!

    and chase, there are no words to describe that kid!! I hope he never grows up!!!!

  2. Wonderful pictures thanks for sharing Happy new Years