Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Yarn Along

Wednesdays sneak up on me every week now. I used to work only from home but now I work at the preschool three mornings a week and one of them is a Wednesday. slips by and I haven't been good at posting my yarn alongs! So going to do a bit of catch up now.

I finished knitting my Monte Rosa Sweater.
I knitted this with Bartlett Yarn that I purchased at Rhinebeck this year. I enjoyed making it.
I think sweaters are my favorite thing to knit. There's something so satisfying to see a garment come to life on your needles. And I am soooo thankful that there are super smart people out there that can figure out all the logistics and patterns to make it possible for someone like me to knit! 
The yarn is very sheepy. It's probably too scratchy for most people. But I love it.
It's a far cry from super soft alpaca, but sometimes it's nice to work with very close to the actual sheep feel of yarn. So,this is my sheep sweater.


We've had some beautiful sunrise and sunsets lately. Here's a picture of a recent sunset over the barn.

I'm excited about this new yarn. I ordered it for my sister's Christmas gift knit. 
It's a really nice soft wool and the colors are super pretty (and kind of remind me of the sunset)
I'm making the Gray Loop Infinity Scarf for her.

That's it to show now. I have a few other things on the needles, but haven't taken a picture yet.

Reading...I just started The Glass Castle. It's been out a while and I started it a few years ago but got distracted. I picked it back up this week and started all over. The good thing about having a pitiful memory is that I can reread it and it's like the first time!
So far I'm really enjoying it.

Joining up with Ginny for the Yarn Along.