Tuesday, July 7, 2015

This and That

I feel like I need a name for my random posts. Hodgepodge? Goulash? Random? 
Going with "this and that" today. I think goulash might be a good one. A random mix of pictures that don't really relate but I feel like sharing, similar to the meal that my MomMom used to make that I loved so much!

Anywho....here goes. A mix of things from the past week.

We had an awesome time at the Wall Fair. This was taken at the top of the ferris wheel. Chase was saying, "I can see the WHOLE world!" Thought that was cute. My other kids were not with us because they were too busy hanging out with their friends and eh hem "girlfriend". Oh boy. We have been ditched by the big kids.

My husband and I had a chance to get away with the boys for a few days down to my in-law's house. They have a great house at the beach by Atlantic City. It's always nice to go down there.
The kids enjoy it and it's fun to spend some quality time with everyone away from work and the farm.

The top of our list every summer is eating crabs on the dock at H&H Crabs in Cape May.
If you like crabs, fresh seafood and the casual waterside atmosphere, you will love this place!
The seafood comes straight off the boats, into containers, cooked in a pot, all on the dock and served in big buckets and trays. You crack the crabs and enjoy the seafood. It's delicious!

While the older boys tried to relax, Chase interrupted. Shocker.

Lots of frog hunting in the backyard.

Back on the farm...
The girls are happy in their new coop.

First flowers cut from my garden.

Chase and Wade hard at work.

Six pack abs

Knitting, painting, flowers, and cooking.

My handsome guy and Sookie St. James

And last but not least....Chase helping out on the farm. His favorite thing to do is help Grandpop. The two are together all weekend. Chase now has his own rake and helps get the piles ready for my dad.

Hope everyone has a nice week!


  1. your boys are so beautiful but that chase, he really steals the show!!! i just love his work ethic on the farm, it's what's lacking in so many kids these days. being raised on a farm ROCKS, your boys are so lucky!!!

    oooohhh and nice line-up on those chickens ;)