Monday, July 6, 2015

Everyone Loves Padouk

Hi! Been away for a few days and just catching up now with some blogging, work and what not.
I realized that I didn't share the pics of the newest babies that were born here at the farm in the past 2 weeks! The birthing season is officially closed for the summer and my mom can now breathe a little easier and enjoy her critters.

Here is the newest boy.
His name is Padouk (Pa-Duke). He is named after an exotic wood.
He has been a huge fan favorite! How can you resist that beautiful face?!
The dam is Magpie "Maggie" and sire is CCFN Smoke Ring.

We also welcomed the last baby of the season on the 4th of July!

Named: Osiana (O-She-Anna)
She is named after our favorite rose.
Her dam is Vaughnese and sire is CCNF Smoke Ring
She is a beauty!

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  1. ooohhhhh they are just so gorgeous, i need to stop by!!!!