Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Chase's Eggcellent Adventures

Have you met my youngest? If you have, you know he has more energy than most and has a personality about as big as anyone that I know. He's a character. He makes us crazy and also makes us laugh. If you spend a day with him, you will have stories to tell by the end. Always up for an adventure, lots of bug hunting, questions, questions, more questions, "you know something?" telling you things, farm chores, odd outfits, crazy curls, lots of eating, silly faces and more...

We have 8 chickens. They are 8 weeks old. While all of my boys have taken interest in the girls, it's really Chase that is hands-on and obsessed. He has zero fear of them, hunts bugs for them, "helps" with every chore to care for them and genuinely loves these girls.

A friend of mine has started referring to him as Chase and Miss Claire's Eggcellent Adventures.
I see a children's book in the works :)

Here are a few pics from last night. This kid will keep you laughing for sure.

In his underwear, with a worm in his hand, in the CAR. Yup. This is how he roles when it's time to pick up his big brothers from the bus stop.

Miss Claire and Chase

A little chicken guitar to end the evening.

That's my boy.


  1. a great set that really says "this is chase"!!!