Tuesday, June 23, 2015

iPhone Pics

Too many pictures on my phone. Yikes. Snapshots from the past few days....

Blueclaws game with the baseball teams and cousins. So much fun!!!
Here are Andee's boys and my crazy Chase.

Chase and his ninja moves

This boy is a farmer through and through. He's happiest doing farm chores and "helping"

Dalton giving my dad a hand with cleaning out the hay bins over the weekend.

BEST COFFEE ever. Really...it's excellent. It's going to be huge. And Coco wanted a taste. Silly girl.

Babies!!!!! Padouk making his debut this weekend (baby with the white face).
He has awesome markings. Love him!

Knitting on my lap, boys playing in the yard. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

This is one of my growing girls. Sookie St. James, 8 week old Buff Orpington

I think she approves of my knitting. Or wants to eat the yarn...

Beautiful, wild and crazy Grant. The littlest of the grandsons but one of the biggest personalities!

Ok...ready for this?!!! Seashore Sharon made me a super duper awesome double pointed needle case!
I am making the Rose City Roller Socks for the class I'll be teaching this summer.
When you are putting your work away, you can tuck your needles into this little fabric case, snap it closed and nothing falls apart! Genius! Thank you Sharon!


I knitted this blanket for Grant when he was born and Liz had it displayed so nicely on her couch the other day. It's the Shale Baby Blanket by Brooklyn Tweed. 

Hope you're having a nice week. Summer vacation starts tomorrow for our kids.
Ready to hit the beach with them!

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  1. sea shore sharon...awesome job!!!

    i NEED to meet your chickens!!!!