Monday, June 8, 2015

Back in the groove

Two weeks ago I posted about getting my knitting mojo back. I tried to figure out what caused my "slump". Well, I figured it out. My life is busy with three kids and a lot of my knitting at this time of year is on the go, baseball field, a row here a row there kind of knitting. Nothing too complicated because I couldn't carry patterns around with me. 

I was teaching the Outlander Cowl class two weeks ago so I casted on one for myself. Ahhh...the mojo came flying back to my needles. A great pattern. Just enough changes to keep me happy and not too hard to remember what I have to do. Perfect.

It's light and wonderful and I can't wait to wear it on cool days.

My summer knitting class schedule will be posted next week.
You can look forward to beginner lessons, intermediate headband,
fair isle and knitting a hat in the round.

I'll let you know when the new schedule is up :)

Happy knitting!

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