Thursday, June 18, 2015

One for the Road

Below: Jatoba and the newest baby, "Roady"

We have a new baby on the farm.
His name is "One for the Road" or Roady for short.
His mom is Jatoba and she is a first time mom. Her labor was showing signs of distress and something wrong and unfortunately our vet is not close by. In order for her to have the very best care and outcome, my mom and dad put her in the trailer and drove her up to a friend's farm where a vet would meet them. was ok and thankfully everything was perfect.
Little boy was born as they pulled in the driveway and all was well.
Jatoba acted like all of this was totally normal and baby was happy and nursing right away.
Always an adventure here at the farm!!!!

Have a wonderful rest of the week.


  1. the babies are all so adorable!!! and you dress chase in "white" t-shirts, really??? that seems.....i can't find the right word!!!

    i just love how much he loves all the animals!!!!

    1. White tshirts stay white for ten minutes but bleach great!!!! lol!!!