Tuesday, February 16, 2016


I have been trying some new recipes lately and we've had some major winners! So good that they were handwritten into my cookbook. Only the best make it to the cookbook. (I should really take a picture of that book. It was my prize for my winning cookie recipe in 4th grade girl scouts. It's falling apart but it holds my best recipes)

Anyway, here's one that we devoured. It's a Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole.
I made it last night and served it with texas toast garlic bread. I doubled the recipe for my family and I used a lasagna size pan for the baking part.YUM.

Here's the recipe link.

Another winner is this Chicken Pot Pie

I made it with just a crust on top but it would be yummy with the crust on the bottom too.
I also did an egg wash on top of the crust.

And the other new one was this Chicken Wild Rice Soup.
I substituted the rice for the Uncle Bens orange box and seasoning packet.
This was so good. Perfect for a cold day or night.

Do you have any favorite recipes you would like to share? I'm always up for trying something new.
Purple Debbie...I'm looking at you!!! :)


  1. hehehehe, i'm way ahead of you girlfriend, i already pinned the first one....and i make a chicken pot pie that is to die for, no peas please. and i use potatoes and frozen green giant white corn in a bag (for the microwave) which add a real creaminess to the sauce. i don't have a recipe, chuck loved it and i'm like "i only remember two ingredients". hehehehehe then i remembered i didn't have an onion so i used mrs. dash onion and herb seasonings!!!

    chuck has been working a lot, outside the house ;(........i boxed up the hat and scheduled a pick up for today with my mailman!!!

    hehehehe....it looks like my sad face is vomiting!!!!

  2. and bacon...i put cooked bacon in mine!!!!! everything's better with bacon!!!

    basically, i emptied out the frig!!!!!

  3. That Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole has caught my eye!!!!