Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Yarn Along for an Early Riser

I have two early risers in my life. My son, Chase and my dad. They wake very early in the morning and are ready to start the day HOURS before the rest of the world. I think of myself as a morning person in general, but more of an 8 am kind of morning. After coffee and the news kind of morning person. So when I saw this hat pop up I knew just who I would make it for. 

Pattern name: Earlyrising by Annie Rowden
Here's the adult large version that is on my needles.
A smaller one is next. Knitting with farm yarn, the brown blend from the herd.
Annie is running a knit along with this hat pattern so you can join in on her Ravelry group page.

I am still reading A Little Life.
I am still enjoying it. About half way through the almost 800 page book. 

Joining Ginny today for the Yarn Along. What are you knitting and reading these days?


  1. Oh I like that hat! What great texture. I wish I was an early riser. I am more like you - 8 AM is just fine!

  2. What a gorgeous hat! Love everything about it! I am definitely a morning person, thought I would never believe it 15 years ago. My favorite time of day is the dawn, around 5.30 in the morning, when the world is still asleep and I already start my day.

  3. Love the hat! Two of my three are earlier risers. Super extra way too early risers. I try to get up at 5 (so I can have quiet time before they wake), but my kids like to soon follow me. I keep thinking, if I could just get them to sleep until 7. I mean, we homeschool for goodness sakes! It isn't like we have to get up so stinking early!

  4. i LOVE this hat!! awesome for your dad and my buddy chase!!!

  5. I too am a fairly early riser from years of being a High School teacher. I am up between 5 and 6 for tea and the newspaper, but I really don't get started until about 8. I love that hat. What a pretty pattern and yarn.

  6. Oh that is lovely - beautiful cables.

  7. ooo love those cables, sounds like a perfectly named pattern! I'm happy waking up around 7:30 and then not being up and about until about 8:30-9. Unfortunately my kids feel differently. And the puppy! Although the puppy will go back to sleep after a toilet break