Saturday, February 6, 2016

Snow and Finished Objects

SNOW! Somehow I didn't really know this snow storm was on it's way.
I am still down with a cold so I stayed home from work and enjoyed the snow day with the kids, knitting, coffee and a quick walk outside to clear out my head and enjoy the scenery.
It was quick and heavy wet snow...also melted as quickly as it came. It's almost gone today.

 Finished knitting objects:
Knitted with Cascade Alpaca Pure yarn.
It was heaven to knit and I've enjoyed wearing it.

This sweater is from the book, My Grandmother's Knitting.
My sister, Andee and I both knit this sweater with a lot of modifications.
She made hers a turtleneck and I went for a boat neck.
More details are on my ravelry page.

I knitted this with the cormo yarn I purchased at Rhinebeck this year.
It's from Foxhill Farm. It knitted up really nicely and is so soft for wool.
The color work was knitted with HiKoo by Kenzie.

That's it for today. It's back to the couch with my tissues and knitting.


  1. your snow images are gorgeous, the snow looks especially beautiful around the farm!! you do also...your knitting is spectacular. i can't believe you finished the white shawl/wrap already...both it and the sweater look great on you!!!!

  2. Your snow photos are beautiful! Love the knits as well!