Friday, February 17, 2017

Fiber Friends

If you've been keeping up with the #yarnlovechallenge posts on instagram, you've probably enjoyed seeing some glimpses into knitter's worlds. It's fun to see everyone's interpretation of the same prompt. Today's word is "Fiber Friends". As much as I enjoy my quiet knitting time, knitting with my fiber friends is much more fun. I love my crew and we always have such a good time together. It reminds me of the quilters group that my grandmother and mom used to attend at our church. There's something about women coming together, sitting around a table and enjoying the same craft. I always feel energized after being with them and I look forward to our next gathering. Although we don't meet on a consistent basis, we are constantly in contact through texts, emails, ravelry messages and instagram posts. It makes smile when I'm at work, plugging away with my graphic design and my phone beeps with a text from one of my knitting buddies...sending me a sweater idea, asking a question, asking for help with a knitting problem. I never mind a knitting interruption in my work day :) I'm also the luckiest girl in the world that my whole family are fiber junkies too.

Here are some photos from the past few years of my "Fiber Friends"

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  1. this was awesome. i enjoyed seeing myself but this year i will be in the last picture - how awesome is that!!!