Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Socks....I'm not the biggest sock knitting fan. It's A LOT of stitches for something that will be in a shoe and not on display. Yes, I like the way they feel. I like the satisfaction I feel when I put on a pair of hand knit socks. I do admit that it makes me happy to wear them. But the knitting of them....that's still up for debate. I suffer from second sock syndrome for sure. It's kind of like sleeves, fingerless mitts, it's that SECOND one that I don't feel like knitting! But when my friend Joan wants to learn a new technique and I'll knit anything with her, I'll cast on a new pair of socks. We are trying out the Susan B. Anderson sock, Smooth Operator Socks.

Going to give this new heel construction a try. And my girls are up to full egg production. Yippee! Love their eggs. Nothing better than those rich orange egg yolks for breakfast.

Have any of you knitted this sock? Wondering what everyone thinks. 
What's your favorite sock pattern?


  1. i know those questions where not directed toward me. my first ever, 1/2 knitted sock is in my knitting basket. i bought a pair at the farm for mike instead!!

    BUT that could be a 2018 christmas idea - socks for everyone!!!

  2. Just started reading your blog....i have that second sock syndrome also....and i love purl soho (although i've never been in person)...one of these days. i live in PPB and can't wait to visit your farm....maybe you'll add a sock class?????