Friday, February 3, 2017


Are you an instagram junkie like I am? I love it. I post too much (according to my kids) but I don't care. I follow family, friends and LOTS of knitters. The posts inspire me every day and keep me in the knitting world loop. So when I noticed the hashtag #yarnlovechallenge pop up in February, I was intrigued. Every day in February has a prompt. Sounds like fun! So I joined in. Have you?

Day 1: Introductions

Day 2: Close-up

Day 3: Currently Making

So here we are so far! Day 3. Check out the hashtags on instagram. It's so fun to see all the knitters out there and what they're up to. Lots of the "famous" knitters on there too! I love seeing what everyone is up to and the be inspired by the talent and ideas that surround us.

For pattern info on my projects:

Introduction photo: wearing my Georgetown Sweater

Close-up: Tree Rings blanket by Brooklyn Tweed

Currently Making: Grain triangle shawl by Tin Can Knits

See ya on instagram!

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  1. oh leanne, this is right up your ally. i'm not on instagram - but my greatest joy is that "you are a teacher" too!!! i love that picture of you!!!