Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Maine Knits

When you're a knitter, you become a fan girl to so many knitting idols. Yes, there are knitting idols. If you're a knitter, you'll understand. And if you've ever been to a meet up on the hill at Rhinebeck, you really know what I mean. There are people you connect with through the internet, blogs, instagram, podcasts, local yarn stores, festivals, classes, etc. You get to know people on a much deeper level now than in the past. I am happy to be a knitter during this time of the internet and raverly. It's a wonderful community that I am proud to be a part of.

Over the past few years, I have followed a fellow mom and knitter, 
Beatrice Perron of Thread and Ladle. We have never met in person...we tried last fall but didn't time it right at Rhinebeck!! Next time for sure!!! But we have kept in touch through our blogs and I was fortunate enough to have been asked to be a feature on her blog a few years ago. 

Another woman that I am inspired by is Annie Claire, knitwear designer and goat farmer.
As she walked past me on the hill in Rhinebeck I almost knocked her over with excitement. I was so excited to see her and I gushed and gushed. She was incredibly kind and it was such a thrill to meet her in person.

Here I am with Annie last fall in Rhinbeck..

So...where am I going with this? 
Well, when two of my favorite ladies in the knitting world match up together in one place, it makes me happy.

Annie is currently hosting a give-away of Bea's new book, Maine.
So hop on over to her website and check out her beautiful website, Bea's beautiful book and enjoy some time with two of my favorite knitters.

I like to support the busy moms out there that work hard at home, work and as knitters.


  1. the blog is different - streamlined - uncluttered - i rather like it!! your sweater is beautiful, you have so much talent, and it's a great picture of you!!!

    1. Oh...and the best part is you can view it all different ways! Check out the gray bar below the farm name. It's so cool!

  2. I just changed it. You like it? I felt like the other one was too cluttered and dated looking. I'm liking this new version, but I want to figure out how to put the farm logo at the top.

    1. very cool!! i did them all - classic is best but still the others are fun!!!

    2. i forgot to say that i love it. this is much better!!!