Wednesday, January 9, 2013

On to the Lace -Yarn Along

I was able to squeeze a little knitting time in this weekend. Still working on my Suki shawl. I just hit the lace part. Oh my. I love lace work. I love following a chart. It keeps me interested. BUT.....there is this little person in my house all the time that thinks it's not that fun for mom to focus intently on her chart, knitting and counting. I have a feeling it will be slow going on this part. But I'm determined to get it perfect. Hah!

I am still reading By Blood by Ellen Ullman. I can't put it down.

Hoping to finish this up in the next few days and start another kerchief shawl.
I'm obsessed!!!

Happy Knitting

Joining in with Ginny.


  1. Your yarn is just gorgeous. I love lace knitting but I find I really need to be able to concentrate, which isn't very often these days!

  2. I agree with above - the yarn is gorgeous.

  3. Beautiful colorway! I have the same issue with littles- I can only work lace at night after the baby is in bed, but often by then my concentration level is dwindling. That's why I have a vanilla sock or some other garter or stockinette stitch project going at the same time as lace. I have to have a project I can pick up and put down quickly with my littlest around!

  4. It is going to be gorgeous - I have those little people around here too!

  5. Your pictures are always so beautiful! I think lace knitting and little ones are two things that really do not mix well - I now save lace for after 10 pm, if I am awake enough. (Which means that I am knitting one row every two weeks, on average...) At least we know we are not alone!

  6. I love knitting lace too, but it is so much easier if you don't get distracted. Heartbreaking to rip back when you lose your place. Beautiful yarn as well.