Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pictures for the Snow Birds

My grandparents head south for the winter. They call Florida their home for a majority of the year now. Smart people! It's cold up here at the Jersey Shore!!!

But when they are down south they miss their little great grandsons.
All 7 of them (soon to be 8) No girls....ho hum....

So here ya go Nan & GPop...some recent pictures of some of the boys!

Wade: 4 months SOOOOOOO Cute!!!!


Lots of smiles :)

Garrett is playing indoor soccer on Saturdays and he loves it! I'm a happy mom to be back at the soccer fields!!!!

Dalton accepting his certificate from the superintendent for his perfect NJASK scores in both math & science. This was at the board of ed meeting.

Hanging out with Chase

Wade again :) Trying to roll over, but his hand was in the way.

Half way over! He can go from back to front now.


Early morning cheesy smiles
 Boys are strange
 Chase is going to a little mommy and me gymnastics class at Allaire Gymnastics in Manasquan.
He loves it! Crawls through the tunnel, jumps on trampolines and runs around like a maniac!
 This one likes his stickers and crayons. He even manages to not eat them...sometimes.

Okey dokey, there's a little snap shot into life these days with the kiddos.

Hope Florida is nice and warm!

Love, Lee


  1. awesome group of photos, i am smiling all the way through! i love boys, having three of my own, everyone of these guys is beyond cute!! congrats to your eldest acheivement in school!!

  2. oops, forgot, love the photo of you too, CUTE!