Saturday, January 19, 2013

All the Cool Kids are Doing It

This week I was cooking dinner and I received a text from my friend...

"Fun fact, did you know Ryan Gosling knits?"

She was watching The Talk on dvr and they were talking about people that knit.
So I got to thinking....who else knits? I know there are celebs that knit on set.
Did a little research and check it out!

Here's a handful of celebrities knitters. Wonder if there are more closet knitters?
I betcha there are!!!

Ryan Gosling
Ozzy Osbourne
Aisha Tyler
Felicity Huffman
David Arquette
Katherine Heigl
Kristin Davis
Sarah Jessica Parker
Dakota Fanning
Julia Roberts
Cameron Diaz

With their gigantic paychecks, can you imagine what their stash yarn looks like?
Probably the best yarn shop ever.

On another note, I've started to exercise again. Oh my.
I did a dvd workout and when they asked me to do arm circles to warm up my body,
the creaking and cracking that came from my right shoulder was ridiculous.
Knitting has turned me into a decrepit 34 year old woman. So pathetic.

So I'm up and moving again, stretching during my knitting marathons and hoping
to take off 10 pounds. Woo hoo!

Happy Saturday :)


  1. I took a quick look and think this is the video where Tom Hanks plays a prank on Julia Roberts about her knitting and thought you might enjoy it.

  2. Well, I took a minute to watch the video and that is NOT it.
    If you do a search it is Tom Hanks getting the whole crew on the set of Larry Crowne to knit since Julia is always knitting. It really is a cute video.

    1. I think i saw that years ago. Funny!!! I will look it up.

    2. I think i saw that years ago. Funny!!! I will look it up.

    3. I think i saw that years ago. Funny!!! I will look it up.

  3. we are in excellent company, knitters are the best! i'm with you on the workouts, i've been adding running back into my walks, no more guilty knitting!