Friday, January 11, 2013

January Ten on Ten

Yesterday was ten on ten day.

If you would like to read more about the ten on ten link up, click here.
In a nutshell:
Take one picture every hour for 10 hours today on this 10th day of the month.
Capture the beauty in every day life :)
Here goes...
This was a snap shot of my day.
 8:00 squeezing in a bit of work, wound yarn

9:00 Coffee and breakfast with my mom friends

10:00 taking down the Christmas

11:00 Mobile nap time. Yes, this is bad. Yes, kids should sleep in their cribs. Yes, I failed miserably at this AGAIN. My kid likes to nap in the car.

12:00 Cleaning up. Hand knits now have their own basket.

 1:00 hanging on the couch with the little man

 2:00 Sneaking in some knitting and last night's Top Chef episode

 Still 2:00 Chase is obsessed with my yarn bowl and it's contents

3:00 Free Cookie!!!!!! Is there anything better when you're a one year old?
I picked up some wine, cheese and breadsticks for tonight.
Friends coming over to laugh and enjoy some quality time together.
Love happy hour.

4:00 Boys are home from school.
This is my middle boy, so tired when he gets home.
 4:00 Dada home early!
Wrestling with Chase on the bed...their new favorite afternoon fun.

5:00 Dinner
6:00 New message of the day 

 Catch you next month for ten on ten :)


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