Tuesday, January 8, 2013

This and That

These days the phone has been filling in for my camera. It's so handy to have with me. 
So here I am, posting some random camera phone photos from our past week.

It also appears that I only have one child. I do have three. It's just that Chase is the one with me all them time, so he tends to end up in the majority of photos.

Socks in the fish tank

Baby Wade napping by the camp stove

 Knitting in the coop

Library time with my little guy
 Sunday afternoon nap

 Hand Spun yarn fresh off my mom's wheel.

 Helping me take out the garbage this morning.

Belmar beach is still blocked off to the public because of Hurricane Sandy damage/clean up.
Local artists have gone down and painted the cement barriers to cheer up the place! I LOVE this :)

 My favorite one...

 Morning in the fields

 The Bean Queen (aka my mom) at work.
Every day she breaks her back cleaning up after her herd.
 The little herder
 Some of the girls

Well, there's some random photos for you to enjoy.

Yarn Along tomorrow!

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