Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chilly Yarn Along

Winter is here. I can't complain. We've had it pretty easy this winter.
But's cold! In other words, good knittin' weather.
I love knitting when it's cold out, frost on the windows and snow on the ground.
It just seems like the perfect thing to do.
Not good for my activity monitor I'm wearing right now. But oh well.

It's Wednesday, so joining in with the yarn along this week.

I'm knitting this beautiful, soft, heavenly cowl with our eco baby alpaca yarn.
It has gradual loose cables knitted in and it's worked tubular.
Ravelry link: January Cowl

I also joined in with the Leaves of Grass KAL
I started this yesterday. Well, let's say I started this five times until I got it right.
I find it sooooo hard to cast on with double pointed needles starting in the center.
But I did it!!! Once I got going, it's easy.

Ravelry link: Leaves of Grass

 And my book? Well, still reading By Blood but picked up this little journal.
It's called, Q&A • 5 Year Journal
It asks a question every day for five years. 
I love this idea. I know that life changes quickly and it will be fun
to look back and remember what was going on during that time.
I kept journals while I was pregnant with all the boys.
I love going back and reading them.

Today's question? Do you need a break? From what?
A: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As much as I adore my littlest guy, I'm exhausted.
I need a whole night's sleep and a break from his constant activity!!!!
In five years, I'll look back and be sad that he's not a baby. I will remind myself of that today.

I also knitted this men's hat for a customer this week. It's for Olivia's dad. Olivia is probably the cutest two year old girl I've ever met. She and her mom have started to visit our farm on Fridays.
Hope her dad likes this!

It's a personal pattern
CO 88, K2 P2 for 3"
Decrease every 11 once piece hits 4" from brim.

Have a great Wednesday. Stay warm :)


  1. I LOVE the hat. I love the colours you picked, I love the shape, I love the band of white pattern in there. Great job. Thanks for sharing...sometimes it's the small projects that leave an impression when you scroll through yarn along.

  2. O, I just love it! Alpaca yarn is my favorite above all else. Your colors look so natural and cozy...just the way yarn should look!

  3. Love the hat, I think my son would enjoy a hat as that. Seems you and I had a hard start on Leaves of Grass. But as you said , now it is a wonderful knit!

  4. Yeah for winter knitting. I know you guys are getting hit really bad. Stay warm!
    Love the cowl, of course the Leaves and that hat is fabulous!
    I just bought myself that journal a couple weeks ago-love it!