Sunday, November 6, 2011

2011 NJ Alpaca Classic

Don, Liz, Dee and Andee spent the weekend in Logan, NJ at the 2011 NJ Alpaca Classic. Along with three of our alpacas: Sanda, Ox and Kigo. We all helped volunteer with different jobs during the show like registration, gate keepers, setting up tables, center pieces, obstacle course set up, and just about anything else that we could find to do. Liz spent the entire weekend in the ring with the judge and helping control the animals while they were being judged. She did a fantastic job. We had a wonderful time talking to other alpaca owners and seeing all the different alpacas from all the different farms.

(in the picture above is Dee and Liz checking in another farm's alpacas at the show)

Our alpacas did a great job. Kigo placed second and Ox placed fourth in their divisions. Sanda did not place, but he was a fantastic public relations for all the visitors of the show. There were many people that attended the show that have never seen alpacas before. Many were interested to find out more about them. When people arrived through the main entrance they passed by the vendors, fleece skirting display and then there was Sanda standing eagerly at his pen to meet everyone walking by. I have a feeling there are about 100 different cell phones that now have a picture of Sanda on them.

We also won awards for the fiber arts and spin off. Once everything settles down I will get a list of all the awards we received and I will get them all posted.

In the end it was a wonderful weekend with great people and great animals.


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