Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Along

Happy Wednesday! We have lots of knitted goodies to share this week!

Andee's Knitting this week:

Noble Cowl with baby alpaca yarn. She made the shawl pin to look like an alpaca.

Off Leanne's Needles:
I finished the little alpaca hooded cardigan for a family friend's new baby. 
This is Chase modeling it this morning with his fancy pjs.

No book this week. Can't seem to find a good one that holds my interest. Any suggestions?

 A grey ribbed scarf for Garrett. I intend to use this in our Christmas card picture.

And Lizzie has joined back in this week!

This skein of yarn was handspun and won 1st place at the NJAC show last weekend.

Crocheted cowl made with white baby alpaca yarn.

Crochet cowl- 1st place at the NJAC show. She handspun the yarn and designed the pattern.

 Yellow Shell Scarf (crochet)

 Dyeing Yarn this morning at Liz's house:
I'm working on a skein that will be knitted into a Xmas gift for someone.

Liz's dog, Finn, stopped by to say good morning to the alpacas!

happy knitting!


  1. There's just too much talent there!! Congratulations on the prizes at the show, well deserved.

  2. wow, amazing stuff, congratulations to you
    loving all the yarn, delicous

  3. Just beautiful!~
    We care for a neighbor's alpacas last weekend and started thinking about if they may fit in with our little homestead.

  4. WOW, everything is just beautiful!