Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Along

Happy Wednesday! I'm late in posting today, so please forgive me. Had to take the little man to his well visit at the docs, shots, and all that fun stuff. Wears me out! Plus he's been fussy man for the past few teeth love to do that to them. Anyway, on to the knitting!!!!

Andee's Latest and Greatest!!!
Helix Scarf made out of alpaca yarn.

 Cute booties! Um...Chase would like a pair, hint hint.
 Tara and Andee's Creation:
There is a very very funny story that goes with this gift. I don't even know where to begin. Put it this way, a friend of Tara's lives in NYC. He is fascinated with our alpacas. In a very strange and funny text message conversation, he requested an entire alpaca suit, a one eared hat and eye patch. Again, there is no way to explain this story on here without reading the original text message. But trust me, it was very funny and the recipient was shocked this morning when this package arrived for him. Now we just need a picture of him wearing it.
Tara crocheted the scarf using alpaca yarn and Andee designed and knitted the hat. Doesn't everyone want a one eared hat? Don't ask....

Leanne's Knitting and Reading this week:

And then there were five....
From the time I can remember, I wanted to be a wife and mom. A mom of three to be exact. I didn't think I would have my third, but this year we welcomed Chase into our family. We had four stockings hanging every year and Chase needed his own. The four stockings I had were store bought, but knitted and very nice. I had the idea last year to knit new stockings for my older two boys. well, that didn't happen in time for last year. But I did get most of one done. So I drug it out of the basket and finished it up this week and added Chase's name to it. I'm so happy to have a mantle with 5 stockings hanging from it. Now Santa has to fill it up for my little men!
 Chase's new stocking is the one on the right.
 Checking it out...well, trying to eat it.
 This hat is something I did this week to. And I'm reading, Sister. Very good so far.
 Another hat picture. It's based on a Susan B. Anderson, Itty Bitty Hat. I winged it and figured it out on my own. But I really need to buy that book. Oooh! Xmas gift idea.
I hope you're all having a good day!
Happy Knitting.



  1. Oh, I love everything pictured, but that stocking takes the cake! Chase is so adorable. We have that same Bumbo seat in the same color and all.

    Hope your little man's new teeth feel better soon.

  2. I love the stocking cap! Cute, cute, cute. Chase is growing so fast!!!

  3. oh my goodness that baby is so gorgeous and smart, he's reading books already! hee he.

    lovely knits ALL!