Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Along

Joining in with Ginny at Small Things for this week's yarn along.
I haven't really been reading lately. Too tired I guess. But I did get this book, Sister, out of the library and I'm hoping to start it soon.

On Leanne's Needles:
The hooded baby alpaca cardigan is still in the works. Just need to do the sleeves and add buttons.
I started a blanket as a surprise Christmas gift for my boys. I hope to finish it in time! They fight over the blanket that is in this picture and I thought they would love a new one. Andee made that blanket years ago and it's still the favorite.

On and Off Andee's Needles:

 Handspun Yarn-
Awan (light fawn)
Ox (black)

 Kevin's Hat (K1, P1 Hat)

made with Eco Baby Alpaca yarn black
Ravelry Link
Nobel Cowl

made with Eco Baby Alpaca yarn tan
I did not make this the full size. I made this to figure out the pattern. I have figured out the kinks and I am making this for real now.  this one I am sure I will pull out and use the yarn for something else.
 Lens Cap Holder

I made it with Eco Baby Alpaca yarn & Melody alpaca yarn
I always need a place to keep my lens cap while I am shooting pictures, so I made this holder to keep my cap safe while I'm shooting.
 Andee's Slouchy Hood

I made this hat for myself. It is a mix between a slouchy hat and a hood. It is extremely comfortable.
I made it with Eco Baby Alpaca yarn black
Arrow Acres Alpaca Hat

I made this hat with Melody's yarn and Eco Baby Alpaca.
I don't have a pattern for this I just knit and knit and knit. I made this hat reversible.
Thank you to Ann at UP for her sock recommendation. I am TERRIBLE at math, so hopefully the math is very easy to figure out!

Happy Knitting!


  1. So many lovely things, Leanne! I love your alpacas - they are so cute.

  2. Lots of lovely makes but especially loving that last hat :)