Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Farm, A Barn and Some Yarn

I used to be obsessed with fabric. Back in my sewing and quilting days, I managed to stuff every single scrap of fabric, thread, and notion that anyone could possibly need into every cabinet available in my house. (I live in an old farmhouse that doesn't have much storage!) I loved that fabric. But eventually, the quilts took up too much room and time and got put aside. My husband was thrilled that my fabric buying and hoarding had subsided. Little did we know that yarn would become my new obsession. It's been a few years now that I have been stocking up on yarn, knitting and knitting and knitting every spare minute. Now that the farm is full of alpacas and YARN my heart is so happy!

We sell yarn here at the farm that is from our animals. We also have 100% baby alpaca yarn in their natural state. Roving is also available to spinners and fiber artists interested in felting. 

But my favorite of all is the yarn that my sister, Liz, dyes. She takes yarn in mixes up her dye and goes to town. I got in on the action earlier this winter. It was so much fun. We both went to art school and it's been a lot of fun to put those color theory classes to work!

Here are some pictures of a recent dyeing session...

Our Farm Blend Yarn is called "Farm Yarn"

All the hand dyed skeins are under the "Barn Yarn" Label
We have alpaca yarn, merino, cotton, sock yarn, lace weight, bulky and more....

We have been selling the yarn in "The Coop" every Wednesday from 10-4. 
I have been noticing comments from our readers that they wish they lived closer so they can stop by. Me too!!!! I would love to meet all of you and chat and knit over a cup of coffee.
But since we're far away from each other, some of our yarn in available online at our

My oldest boy is not feeling well today. I think the winter crud has finally gotten the best of him. So it's off to the doctor with him this morning. I hate when my boys are sick but I do enjoy the hour of waiting in the office because it's a whole hour that I get to knit.....hmmmm I think I need to cast on another hat before we go. 

Happy Knitting :)

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  1. Wow... you're dyeing with your baby!! so lovely :)